Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 8:30am

Lucifer: Lady Parts (S2, Ep. 4 | Spoilers)

“After the bodies of two young L.A. transplants are found poisoned, Chloe and Lucifer hunt for the killer. Upon Maze convincing Chloe to go out for drinks, which the detective perceives as an act of friendship, but is actually part of a bet between Maze and Lucifer, the two make a shocking decision.” (IMDB)

Quick Thoughts

  • The whole “girls’ night out” scene was fantastic, but the very best part, better even than Maze snapping the pool cue in two and beating up the two guys, was the part where Maze tossed the knocked-out suspect into the bar chair and Ella, in the background, grabbed a drink and splashed it on him. Ella is rapidly becoming one of my new favorite characters.
  • Also, Ella’s “I used to steal cars,” and her “I would totally call that.”
  • Dr. Linda worked a sex phone line to get through college. I 💖 Dr. Linda.
  • Poor hang dog Amenadiel. And that scene with Dr. Linda? 😂
  • Is it my imagination or is Tom Ellis in danger of getting upstaged by the rest of this awesome cast? He needs to get his A game on.
  • I loved that Chloe immediately called Maze out on that bet, and that they made up at the end of the episode. Well, I mean, made up as much as Maze can. That was well handled. It didn’t turn into a screaming match, or four episodes of girl drama or anything silly like that.
  • And that ending? Now Lucifer will be dealing with the consequences of his “loophole,” and I can’t wait to see him trying to squirm his way out of it, or what he has to do to fix it. The real heart of this show lies in these small character growth moments. The show is great fun, lots of laughs and silliness, but the reason it works is these little serious moments.

Line of the Night Award

So many to pick from, but one of my favorites had to be: “Yes, these humans are awful. They breathe through their mouths, and they won’t… shut up about something called gluten.” – Mama Morningstar.

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