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Lucifer: Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer (S2, Ep. 01)

Lucifer is one of those shows that I would never have expected to be any good. It’s based on a comic book that won a lot of acclaim, but as a TV show? And with as many changes as they made to the concept and characters? There’s no way a police procedural that buddies up the actual Devil with a homicide detective should work.

But it does. I credit the writing and acting, Tom Ellis’s in particular.

Last night’s season two debut episode hit the ground running. It’s got a lot of work to do, and it felt like a pretty busy episode – maybe a bit too busy. Aimee Garcia’s Ella Lopez, a Christian CSI, got a bit short-changed in her introduction, and Detective Douche’s reinstatement to the force came across as suspiciously fortuitous.

There’s always the chance that Espinoza’s reinstatement actually is suspiciously fortuitous, I suppose, but as fast as the episode was moving, it felt a bit rushed and lazy.

Last season we dealt with Lucifer’s daddy issues. It looks like this season we’ll be dealing with his mommy issues. I’m okay with that because this feels like newer ground. Lucifer is not the first show to present the Devil as “not that bad, really, just misunderstood,” or to play up the bad father/rebellious son angles in the original mythology. The show covered these topics pretty well last season, and Ellis’ fine acting lent a lot of angst and gravitas to the subject.

The “distant mother who didn’t stand up for her kid” bit they’re setting up in this episode, along with Lucifer’s complicity in and guilt over his mother’s imprisonment, feels meatier for being a new layer to the story. That, plus some excellent moments with Lucifer finally admitting his own fault in the matter to Dr. Linda, and his empathy with the murder victim and anger at her killer, really lent a lot of weight to the premise. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

We got some fun plot hooks, too. There’s the thing with Espinoza. Is his reinstatement really a lazy writer’s fix or is there something else going on?

Amenadiel’s powers are on the fritz – what’s up with that? There’s a fan theory going around that the angels are being affected by their love for other people. IE, Lucifer’s mortal around Chloe because they’re in love, and Amenadiel’s time-stopping schtick isn’t working because he’s in love – or falling in love – with Maze. This sounds like crap to me, but hey, it could happen.

Chloe came within kissing distance of figuring out Lucifer’s for real. Is she ever going to figure it out, or is she just going to be blissfully ignorant again all season? I’m not particularly invested in either answer here. I’m okay with her “I need the eggs” reasoning, but interested to see how the show changes if she catches on.

Dr. Linda and Maze are apparently hanging out now, which I am wholly on board for. I mean, anything that gets us more Dr. Linda. Maybe they can have a spin-off? “One is a licensed therapist. The other is a demon. Together, they fight crime!” I’m in.

And of course there’s the big mystery: What’s Lucifer’s Mum up to? She doesn’t seem to be getting set up as an antagonist. Is Lucifer going to have to go back on the promise he made last season? Are they protecting her from something? If so, from who? God? That seems a bit… much, if you ask me, but we’ll see.

Line of the Night Award

“Oh, are you a method actor? Ugh.” – Ella Lopez to Lucifer.

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