Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 8:00am

On net neutrality & the GOP tax bill.

Phone Call

Today you need to know about net neutrality and the GOP tax bill. You need to call your senators and representatives. You need to help save net neutrality and kill the tax bill. It’s time to fight, people. Put the turkey down and grab your phone.

A Couple of Things You Need to Know Today

Net Neutrality: It’s back on the chopping block. Although, to be fair, it’s never really been off the chopping block. From Wired, “The Federal Communications Commission will publish on Wednesday its plan to reverse Obama-era net neutrality rules that banned internet service providers from blocking or slowing down content, or creating so-called ‘fast lanes’ for companies willing to pay extra to deliver their content more quickly.”

FCC chair Ajit Pai released a statement today in which he calls his bid to kill net neutrality the “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” and directly says he seeks to return the Internet to its unprotected 2015 state, which would allow your internet service providers to charge you to access the Internet in the same way they charge you to watch cable TV. They’ll be able to restrict you from visiting sites at will, slow your Internet speed however they want, charge you extra to visit more or different websites, and worse.

GOP tax bill: Among other things, the GOP tax bill will attempt to repeal the Obamacare individual mandate, which will collapse Obamacare, and try to confer personhood on unborn fetuses, making getting an abortion much harder. It’ll also screw you pretty hard unless you’re really rich. A new study released today says that by 2027, about 50% of taxpayers will see a tax hike under the GOP bill. The bill is currently in the Senate and there are still undecided GOP senators wrangling with it.

Things You Need To Do Today

  1. Go to this website: CallYourRep.co.
  2. Look up the numbers for your senators and representatives.
  3. Call your senators and tell them that you do not support the GOP tax bill, and you don’t want them to pass it.
  4. Call your senators and representatives and tell them you do support net neutrality, and don’t want the FCC eliminating it.
  5. Call the FCC: 1 (888) 225-5322. Tell them you do support net neutrality and you do not support the “Restoring Internet Freedom Order.”

Need scripts to make your calls? Use 5Calls.org.

Call today. Call tomorrow. Call on Thanksgiving at halftime and leave them a voicemail. Call Friday while you’re waiting in line to check out with all your sale items. Call over the weekend. Call and don’t stop calling. This is important.

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