Friday, August 11, 2017, 8:00am

The new DuckTales cartoon premieres tomorrow, plus some other stuff.

The new DuckTales cartoon debuts tomorrow. Yeah I’m totally watching it. It’s DuckTales. The reason we all loved it back in the 90’s was because it was awesome. All reports claim it’s still awesome. Why would I miss that?

Here’s a few things to read over the weekend.

Also, a quick note. One good thing coming out of the Trump years is the sudden plentitude of news outlets doing daily and/or weekly news roundups, like this, this and this.

One of the complaints I’ve often heard from folks who don’t keep themselves informed is that it’s so hard to keep up with the news. There’s just so much of it, they say, and now more so than ever. The Trump news cycle moves at light speed and even I can’t keep up some days.

In response, tons of news outlets have started doing digests – quick overviews and updates of news that happened during the day or week. These are invaluable, and if you’re having a tough time keeping up with the news, you should check and see if your favorite sources are doing digests.

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