Thursday, December 29, 2016, 1:43pm

Obama sanctions Russia over election ‘hacking’

When I write about Russia diddling our elections, I put “hacking” in quotes, like so: Russian election “hacking.” This is because because Russia did not actually “hack” our elections.

Russia hacked the DNC and got emails, and used those emails to fuel a propaganda campaign that was aimed either at disrupting our 2016 election in general by making Americans distrust the election and our democratic election methods, or to support Trump and help him win the election, depending on which intelligence agency you listen to. I think the CIA thinks Russia was supporting Trump and the FBI thinks it was just for general disruption. I may have those backwards.

I’m pointing this out because apparently a whole bunch of us think Russia somehow actually “hacked” the election itself, IE, futzed with voting tallies. This did not happen. Voting tallies were not futzed with at all, by any party, in any direction, that anyone can prove.

At any rate, the Russians diddled our elections, and President Obama announced that we would be retaliating back during his last press conference, and today he announced those retaliations.

To sum up: 35 Russian diplomats will be expelled from the US, two Russian compounds in the US will be closed, 9 individuals and entities will be sanctioned, and the DHS and FBI are releasing information on Russian cyber activity to help US tech people and companies combat Russian hacking.

You can read the White House’s statement here.

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