Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 6:24pm

Patches knows a soft touch when she finds one.

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This? Is Patches. We thought she was a stray, but then she turned up with a new, bright pink collar. A neighbor told us her name and that she lives a couple of streets away. She apparently bunks elsewhere, but makes her living by occasional mousing and taking advantage of soft touches like me.

As you can see I’ve put out food and water for her, because I am, at heart, a sucker.

She’s straggly, her fur has matts, and she always acts like she’s never eaten before. We also suspect she might be pregnant (which might explain why she’s always so hungry).

I’m not sure who exactly owns her, but I’m seriously tempted to scoop her up and take her off to the local Humane Society, where she might have a chance at finding an owner who appreciates her more.

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