Monday, November 13, 2017, 8:00am

Talking puppies, books, Don Trump Jr. & Roy Moore.

Me & Aggie (4 weeks old, Oct. 29, 2017)

We are a mere twelve days away from our puppy homecoming and I cannot wait, people. Jim and I spent much of the weekend hatching plans to go swipe the puppy early and then talking ourselves out of them because obviously you don’t actually do that, relax, it was just a joke. We expect this to be the longest twelve days in known history.

Meanwhile, After the End of the World, by Jonathan L. Howard, comes out tomorrow and I’m pretty tickled for that. It’s the sequel to Carter & Lovecraft, which was excellent. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should, then you should read the sequel, then you should read all four of Howard’s Johannes Cabal books, which were completely delightful and are some of my very favorite books.

Also out now is Aaron Carroll’s Bad Food Bible, which is non-fiction and also on my To Read list. Aaron Carroll is the doctor who does Healthcare Triage on YouTube, which you should also be watching.

I get paid Wednesday and obviously I’ll be buying books. You should buy some too. They’re good for you.

Anyway, here’s a couple of things you’re going to want to be aware of today.

The Atlantic reports that Donald Trump Jr. has been working with Wikileaks since before the 2016 election. Article highlights include:

  • Wikileaks asking Don Jr. to login to a Trump-Russia website Wikileaks had guessed the password to,
  • Wikileaks asking for Donald Trump’s tax returns specifically so they could release them and look unbiased*, so their releases of Clinton documents would look more credible,
  • Wikileaks counseling Donald Trump, through Don Jr., to contest the election and claim it was rigged if he lost,
  • Wikileaks asking Donald Trump to ask Australia to appoint Julian Assange the ambassador to the US,
  • Wikileaks asking Don Jr. to push their document dumps via his social media accounts,
  • Don Jr. having Donald Trump push Wikileaks document dumps via social media at Wikileaks’ request,
  • And Wikileaks suggesting Don Jr. release his (self-)damning emails after the New York Times broke the story about him and the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

And you might be asking yourself, “So? Who cares what Wikileaks does,” which is a fair question. The reason this matters is because we know that Wikileaks is a Russian cut-out. IE, Russia uses Wikileaks as part of their covert intelligence operations.

Another woman, Beverly Young Nelson, accused Roy Moore, that disgusting trashperson running for Congress in Alabama, of sexually assaulting her when she was 16. According to her, Moore trapped her in his car and tried to force her to give him a blow job. That makes five women accusing Moore of committing varying degrees of sexual assault/impropriety** when they were young.

* Don Jr. might have actually done that, by the way. There’s an idea floating around that that’s where those tax returns Rachel Maddow reported on some months ago came from.

** I say “impropriety” because a couple of the women just went on dates with him when they were quite young, but over the age of consent, which creepy and gross on Moore’s part but not actually illegal.

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