Thursday, November 2, 2017, 8:00am

Look! Puppy training information, free, on the Internet!

So, as you may have gathered, we’re about to have a new puppy. (Only three more weeks! 🎉) Which means we’re about to have to train a new puppy. Most of the dogs I’ve trained successfully were Labs or Lab-mixes, and you can train a Lab to do literally anything in about five minutes. I swear, they’re the most easily trained dogs in the known universe.

Jazz never got trained properly, which was my fault because I was so in over my head. Also, I think she had some actual issues, especially as she aged. Either way, she was afraid of everything, didn’t like going places, hated other dogs, deeply disliked most other people, and we couldn’t do much with her.

I would very much like Aggie to not have those problems, so we’re signed up with a dog trainer (positive reinforcement, obvs). But, I have also found some good resources online.

Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution is a YouTube channel run by Zak George, who is a professional dog training who does positive reinforcement and makes excellent videos about how to train your dog.

If you’re more of reader, check out The Spruce’s “How to be a Responsible Dog Owner” articles. They offer scads of good information about dogs, puppies, training and more.

With these resources, plus a good trainer, we’re hoping Aggie will be a good dog. Keep an eye out here – I’ll add more resources as I stumble across them.

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