Thursday, November 17, 2016, 8:00am

Real news goes to war with fake news.

After my post on combatting the scourge of fake news on social media platforms yesterday I stumbled across two news sites that were ready to do their part on the war on fake news. will be rolling out “new tools” to help combat fake news and biased news and Politifact will be expanding their factchecks to cover fake news.

Meanwhile, Mashable has some good tips for popping your filter bubble. A filter bubble that Scientific American says doesn’t exist, by the way. I’m not entirely sure about that. I think the filter bubble probably falls squarely under the “definitely isn’t helping things any” category, myself.

To wrap up, even Obama is saying that fake news is a problem. Oh! And also, the Washington Post interviewed a guy who writes fake news and is worried he helped put Trump in the White House.

Also, my Facebook and Twitter lists of reputable news sources now live in the left sidebar, if you want them.

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