Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 5:15pm

Supergirl: Season 2

The CW - Supergirl

Season 2 of Supergirl has come to a close and I have to say, over all, season 2 was a much stronger and better season. We got a pretty spectacular season finale, with an awesome Supergirl vs. Superman fight (seriously, that was amazing). We had high emotional stakes without tipping over into sheer corniness (like season 1 did). Season-wide, mostly everyone had a solid character arc, and the ones who didn’t at least got to do a few cool things. All in all, I’d rate the whole season a solid B+/A-.

I have a few quick thoughts on the season.

James Olsen. Ug. Man, they just had no idea what to do with this character, and it showed. The Guardian thing was silly and amounted to nothing, although Guardian did get a nice fight scene in the first part of the season finale. I hope they ditch this and frankly, as much as I like the actor, James Olsen too, if they can’t figure out anything useful to do with him.

Everyone hated Mon-El, but I really liked him. The character was there to serve a purpose, and that purpose was “How to Deal With Boyfriends and Relationships 101.” Supergirl is a young woman and the show is geared towards young women, and every young woman has occasionally been in need of a good relationship role model. You couldn’t do much better than Kara and Mon-El.

The relationship showcased how to deal with selfish and/or immature boyfriends. It showed a woman who knew what she wanted, knew how she should be treated, and worked in a (mostly) mature way to get both. It showed common relationship problems and foibles, modeled how to confront and resolve them, offered a look at a healthy relationship, and managed to do so in a fun way that also gave Mon-El’s character a decent reason to achieve character growth. And it did all that with two leads who had pretty decent chemistry together.

Was it a bit forced? Eh, yeah, particularly during the crossover episodes with The Flash. It wasn’t an entirely graceful attempt, but considering what it was meant to do and, in the end, how well it accomplished it, the Kara/Mon-El relationship plot was a definite success.

Winn Schott came a long way this season. I loathed Winn in season one. He was whiny, entitled, had a bad case of Nice Guyism, and had little to nothing to do plotwise. Season two gave him a purpose and a better personality, along with some character growth. Also, his delightfully awkward fanboying over Superman was one of the highlights of the season. He’s been one of my favorite side characters this season.

M’gann M’orzz. Like, I wanted to like her, and the actress was pretty good, but that character needs some work.

Alex and Maggie made for a great story. I feel like the whole marriage thing happened a little quickly (Alex, you just met this girl), but this is the CW, so I expect there will be lots of relationship issues for them in season 3 before they finally get around to a wedding. I like seeing representation, and I like that having this relationship on the show meant so much to so many people.

There were a lot of plot threads left hanging. That’s not a bad thing – it gives us stuff to look forward to for season 3. What happened to Kara and Alex’s dad? Lillian Luthor is still out there. Is Lena going to be a good guy or bad guy? Who was in the alien spaceship at the end of the finale? There’s all kinds of fun stuff to look forward to!

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