Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 8:00am

TV Updates: Supergirl, Westworld & Lucifer (Spoilers)

It’s been a bad goddamn week, so it’s nice to indulge in a little escapism. We’ll get back to the 24-7 Trump hate parade later on, I think, but for now I’m gonna wallow in some decent TV.

In between new TV we’ve been rewatching The West Wing. Jim keeps imagining the show playing out with a Trumpian cast and, last night, asked how I’m not doing the same thing. I said that it was because I’m indulging myself in some delusions and that in my head, we’d elected President Bartlet instead of Trump. “Everything is liberal puppies and progressive unicorns, all rainbows and sparkles,” I told him.

We also caught up on Last Week Tonight – you can catch this week’s episode in its entirety on YouTube, for free. Is there a clip of the 2016 retrospective online anywhere? I need it. For reasons.


Lucifer: Trip to Stabby Town (S2, Ep. 8)

  • Chloe being jealous. “Is someone jealous?” – “What? No. No way. Gross.” Suuure, Chloe. We believe you.
  • Dr. Linda remains my favorite character, although Ella is running a tight second. But seriously, Dr. Linda grappling with proving therapy for the actual Devil has been a hoot. Particularly her “What about Hitler? Stalin?” bit this episode.
  • Dan trying to kill Lucifer? I mean, of course. Obviously. But mostly over the stolen pudding? 😂
  • Watching Lucifer’s evolution from narcissistic sociopath to… well, somewhat less narcissistic sociopath is the highlight of this show.
  • Also, this.
  • Line of the Night Award: “Because it was LABELED!” – Dan.
  • Next episode: Homewrecker, 11/21. Trailer.

The CW - Supergirl

Supergirl: Changing (S2, Ep. 6)

  • This show needs to use the clutch a little more often. Trying to shift between the hokey superheroics of Guardian and Parasite and the heavy emotional beats of Alex’s coming out story with no buffer in between was a bit of a workout. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was all great. Just, y’know. The gears were grinding.
  • Like, I want to like James Olsen as Guardian, but it needs some work. Although, admittedly, Winn and James teaming up was a lot of fun.
  • Maggie, you gave her the “Let’s be friends” speech. Of course Alex ran off weeping. C’mon, now. You saw that coming. I don’t blame you, but don’t act like you’re surprised.
  • Drunk and giggly Kara is at once hilarious and terrifying. Supergirl? Drunk? Excuse me while I go hide.
  • Was it just me, or was Kara hanging out in the alien bar (does that place have a name yet?) kind of a bad idea? I guess a few humans chill there too, but if I were Kara I’d be a bit more circumspect, considering my sole means of hiding my secret identity would be a pair of glasses. Particularly when she’s there with DEO people. Not a connection I’d want anyone making in their heads.
  • Re: Parasite and letting the scientist go and all that: I really feel like the DEO needs some serious work on its investigating tactics. You could avoid a whole lot of the shooting on this show if these guys got their heads out of their asses and followed some basic protocol once in awhile.
  • I’m liking Winn a lot better this season.
  • Line of the Night Award:Parasitus alienus, if we’re going by the Wile E. Coyote classification system.” – Winn Schott, who gets no love from the DEO.
  • Next episode: The Darkest Place, 11/21. Trailer. (Cyborg Superman! Squee!)

Westworld - Poster

Westworld: Trompe L’Oeil (S1, Ep. 7)

  • Well, we’ve got three episodes left and I swear to gawd if they Lost me on this show, I’m gonna have such a temper tantrum.
  • Bernard is a host. This must be a top contender for “Least Surprising Reveal in Television History.”
  • And that was definitely a host version of Theresa they were printing in Ford’s secret lab, right?
  • About those host blueprints Theresa found – those were a bit on the simple side, weren’t they? Was that on Ford? Because I can totally see him puttering around the lab, setting up this little reveal for Theresa, putting down the actual specs for three hosts before going, “No, no, she’s not bright enough for this. I better dumb these down a bit.”
  • So, William’s not making it out of this season, is he? Also, what happened to Logan?
  • How many of the Board of Directors has Ford replaced with hosts by now, do you think? A voting majority, or is he still working on that?
  • This park still makes no damn sense as a business.
  • I’m 100% Team Maeve. She’s going to be running this park before things are done.
  • Hey, Westworld got a second season. Also not a huge surprise, but nice to hear.
  • No Line of the Night Award for this show. The dialogue isn’t really geared towards that sort of thing. This show revolves around the actual acting a lot more than the dialogue.
  • Next episode: Trace Decay, 11/20. Trailer.

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