Friday, October 14, 2016, 8:30am

Supernatural: Keep Calm and Carry On (S12, Ep. 1 | Spoilers)

“Dean comes face to face with his mother while Sam fights for his life after being shot by Toni.” (IMDB)

Quick Thoughts

  • I think my favorite part of this episode was when Dean got our evil Woman of Letters on the phone to threaten/warn her, and she actually looked frightened. At this point in their career, the mere mention of Winchesters – particularly Dean – should make people literally wet themselves.
  • It’s good to see a badass Sammy back! He spent a lot of last season being dumb and/or wussy, and that should definitely not be the case. He should be every bit as competent and badass as Dean, if somewhat more reluctant to be so, since he’s actually an optimistic little puppy dog.
  • My favorite version of Crowley is the scary version where he proves why he should be King of Hell. Mark Sheppard is excellent at scary.
  • Mary Winchester: Meh, so far. We’ll see.
  • Well, it looks like Dean won’t be having sex in the back seat of his car anymore.
  • These Men of Letters have some gall, getting all up in the Winchesters’ business. Where were they while the world ended… twice? Reading in England, apparently. Oh yeah. They’ve def got the high ground here. /s
  • Just a little FYI: The population of the UK is about 65 million people and the land area is about 94,000 square miles. The US population is about 321 million people, with a land area of about 3,800,000 square miles. It would not be near so easy to secure America the way the UK is apparently secured.
  • It looks like Castiel is just about entirely done with everyone’s bullshit, eh? He was slapping everyone around.

Line of the Night Award

“‘Whatever’? What are you, a 14-year-old girl now?” – Demon 1
“I mean, not right now. I possessed one once, but — pfft — it didn’t work out. A lot of feelings and urges and ugly snot crying about how Julie’s with Craig Castle now, even though he’s total bae, but she’s, like, a busted bitch on ice. Hormones, dude.” – Demon 2

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