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5TtRT: Talk Like a Pirate Day, Paul Manafort, hurricane debris, angry swans, & net neutrality

5TtRT: Talk Like a Pirate Day, Paul Manafort, hurricane debris, angry swans, & net neutrality

I was going to be cute and write this whole post in pirate talk for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it turns out that’s a huge pain in the ass. I guess I could have used one the many online generators, now that I think about it. But anyway: Yarr! There you go.

5 Things to Read Today (9/19/17)

USA Today: Fake holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day are as old as me peg leg, savvy?
“Now, it feels like every day, another National (fill-in-the-blank) Day is being pushed on us by marketers, advocacy groups, tweeters and complicit journalists.”

Lawfare: The Latest Scoops from CNN and the New York Times: A Quick and Dirty Analysis
“CNN and the New York Times this evening published dueling scoops on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. As Jim Comey might put it: Lordy, there appear to be tapes.”

Wired: Where Do They Put All That Toxic Hurricane Debris?
“What happens now in Florida and Texas will depend on the decisions that state officials make in the coming weeks. ‘What we saw during Hurricane Katrina was a lot of waivers issued by EPA and activity that was technically illegal,’ says Adam Babich, professor of environmental law at Tulane University. The waivers are a legal way to allow state agencies to temporarily violate federal law without facing enforcement by the EPA.”

Nerdist: Swan Pulls a Hot Fuzz, Gets Arrested for Road Rage (Seriously)
“According to the Cambridge Special Constublary, the bird was being ‘charged’ with road rage, causing a collision, and obstructing the highway. That’s a lot of chaos for one swan to cause! Obviously, such a dangerous menace couldn’t be allowed to continue to wreak havoc on the commuters of England. So the officers acted fast, ‘arresting’ the bird, ending its reign of terror.”

Ars Technica: “Fake” net neutrality comments at heart of lawsuit filed against FCC
“The Federal Communications Commission has ignored a public records request for information that might shed light on the legitimacy of comments on Chairman Ajit Pai’s anti-net neutrality plan, according to a lawsuit filed against the FCC.”

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