Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 8:30am

The Flash: Magenta (S3, Ep. 3 | Spoilers)

“Just as Wells and Jesse return from Earth-2, Central City is attacked by a new meta with the power to control metal.” (IMDB)

Quick Thoughts

  • Harry’s back! This show just isn’t the same without a Wells around. I loved that he called Barry out immediately on futzing with the timeline.
  • Barry and Iris’ dates. Eh. These two have been friends forever. Is this actually the best they can do for dates? Regular old dinner? I speak with some experience here – Jim and I were friends for years before we started dating, and we do awesome dates, because we know each other well enough to know what’s fun for us. Plus, we didn’t have to sit around having awkward “we barely know each other” conversations. I feel like Barry and Iris should get the same bonuses.
  • Jesse Quick! But Harry is so bad at dadding sometimes, good lord. Every time he has to deal with his daughter he’s like, “I know, I’ll just be a giant dick about things. That always works,” before he figures out that doesn’t work. He’s a smart guy. I think he should have the methodology sorted out by now.
  • Magenta. Meh. Alchemy? Also meh so far. This guy needs to get his crap together and get some serious menace on. If he’s going to compete with season one’s Reverse Flash, or even Grodd, for Big Bad, he needs to do some work. Shoot, even King Shark was scarier than Alchemy.
  • Although it looks like Dr. Alchemy’s going to start screwing around with Wally pretty soon, so that should add some gravitas to the situation. Particularly with Wally feening for superherodom the way he is.
  • NOT.” Okay, Tom Cavanagh’s so awesome I’ll concede that was funny. This episode. Let’s uh… let’s not make that a thing for the whole season, though. That got tiresome pretty much instantly back in the 90s.
  • Was Julian being a dick on purpose to get Magenta to do her thing, or is he just a dick? I can’t tell. I hope they do more with Tom Felton than just have him be an ass all season, though. he seems like he’s a better actor than that, so it feels like a waste of him. Give him more to do, guys.
  • Why is Caitlyn hiding her powers, again? I get that she’s probably worried, what with the whole Killer Frost thing, which seems to have still occurred in the “new” timeline, but I feel like that’s exactly the kind of thing you’d take to your friends. Also, again, how long has she been hiding her powers in the new timeline? Since the original accident? If so, extra why? She would have seen what Cisco went through with hiding his powers, which also seems to have still happened. Did her powers manifest more recently? Even so, she would have still seen Cisco deal with his powers, so why hide hers? It’s not making a lot of sense right now.
  • Overall, Magenta was kind of a “meh” episode. It had a few good moments, though.

Line of the Night Award

“I was always too good at forgiving myself, Allen. You were never good enough.” – Harrison Wells. What a great, precise bit of dialogue. Really gets right to the heart of these two characters.

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