Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 8:00am

The Senate GOP will try to raise Trumpcare from the dead this evening.

The Senate GOP will try to raise Trumpcare from the dead this evening.

The short version is that Trump threw a little whiny-baby temper tantrum over the (just) death of the Senate’s attempt at Trumpcare, and so the Senate GOP, whipped as they are, immediately scrambled to resurrect their mess.

That’s, uh, pretty much the long version, too. Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing – he’s just flailing at the nearest camera and crapping his dementia out onto Twitter, and the Senate is jumping and dancing like a frog on hot pavement, trying to figure out which way to go.

If one is feeling charitable towards Trump (I can’t imagine why), you could imagine he’s stirring this mess to distract from his Russia troubles, but honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s giving him too much credit. He’s dumb to start with and possibly suffering from something Alzheimer-y on top of that. I suspect his minute-to-minute thoughts and feelings on any given subject are probably extremely variable. Just watch his Twitter account for proof of that.

At any rate, sometime soonish the Senate GOP will meet to try and circlejerk each other into voting for something related to healthcare. If you’ve got a minute and a Republican senator, now would be a great time to call their office and remind them that Trumpcare sucks literally everything.

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