Friday, March 3, 2017, 8:00am

The Trumpster Fire (3-3-17)

Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 3-3-17

Gallup Daily: Real Unemployment 9.4% (+0.2) | Gallup Good Jobs 44.6% (+0.1) | Engaged at Work 33.9% (+1.1) | Economic Confidence 16 (+3) | Consumer Spending $101 (+5) | Trump Approval 43% (-)

Liveblogging the Trump presidency, one catastrophe at a time.

Today’s big story continues to be Wednesday night and Thursday morning’s revelations of new Trump/Russia ties and meetings, including Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions and lying about it, Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn secretly meeting with the Russian ambassador before the inauguration, and J.D. Gordon and Carter Page meeting with the Russian ambassador and hiding it.

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