Monday, March 6, 2017, 8:30am

Let’s take a quick look back at the weekend.

Post Apocalyptic Trumpland

This weekend we watched All the President’s Men, which I thought I had seen, but apparently I had not. I think I must have seen bits and pieces years ago, and assumed I saw the whole thing. Anyway, good movie. Didn’t love the ending. The ending was basically “and then everyone got arrested,” which was kind of a letdown after all the high drama and suspense.

The movie was good enough to send me off to Amazon for the book by Bernstein and Woodward, though, which I started reading Sunday. I’m less than 100 pages in but I already know two things: 1) I was not nearly as familiar with the Watergate scandal as I thought I was, and 2) there are an unnerving amount of similarities between current political events and Watergate.

If you haven’t read All the President’s Men, I recommend it.

All righty then. Let’s have a look at this weekend’s shenanigans.

Late Friday

Friday was mainly Jeff Sessions fallout, prompting Trump to proclaim that he and his administration were victims of a witch hunt. Meanwhile, Carter Page, an administration guy who’s definitely met with Russians and has been implicated in the infamous Russian dossier, went on CNN and argued with Anderson Cooper about what “meetings” mean. Yeah, it was pretty weird.

We also found out that the Keystone Pipeline, widely regarded as being just the worst idea to begin with, will be allowed to use non-US steel during construction, which flies right in the face of Trump’s executive order decreeing that both Keystone and the DAPL pipelines would be made using US steel.

Oh, and the White House is slashing NOAA’s budget by like 17%, which is fine, because no one really wants to know when a hurricane is coming anyway.


Early Saturday morning Trump got on Twitter to claim that Obama had had him illegally wiretapped at Trump Tower prior to the election. It’s bullshit, of course. There’s not a shred of evidence for it and everyone has denied it, including James Comey, former DNI James Clapper and Obama himself.

To put a fine patina of horrified amusement on the whole shebang, Trump appears to have gotten this idea from propaganda rag, which in turn got it from screaming conspiracy theorist Mark Levin.

Word broke Saturday that Trump had lost his entire damn temper with his staff over Sessions recusing himself. It’s worth reading that link, by the way. There’s some other good information in there, including tidbits about the conspiracy theories being paraded around the White House by senior staff and the fact that Bannon is egging Trump on in this whole “Deep State” BS.

FYI, America does not have a Deep State. That is not a thing that exists in America. You’re hearing about it now because several reporters jumped on the term to describe the more permanent, non-partisan chunks of government that exist from administration to administration, which is where the all the leaks are probably coming from.

Also Saturday, we heard that the non-Reince Priebus portions of Trump’s staff are coming after Reince Priebus with a vengeance, blaming him for everything and trying to, probably, get rid of him. Which is fine in that I do not like Reince Priebus, but also not fine in that he’s one of the “sensible” idgits in Trump’s staff. IE, one of the ones who probably won’t start a nuclear war over Twitter.


To start things off: Nuclear war with North Korea. I mean, not right this second, but apparently we’re not ready to fend one off, and it’s been left in Trump’s capable hands to drum something up to do that. If that idea doesn’t make you crap your pants, I don’t know what would. Maybe the fact that North Korea fired off another missile test this weekend?

Also, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes announced that he’ll be investigating Trump’s BS claims of Obama’s wiretapping because Nunes will investigate literally anything except the Trump-Russia ties. At this point, I’m pretty sure Nunes is, himself, tied to Russia in some nefarious way. What other reason could he possibly have to put investigations off in this transparent a way?

That’s All, Folks

You can get a blow-by-blow, including some minor details, from, if you want ’em, and you can check out today’s Trumpster Fire here.

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