Thursday, July 27, 2017, 8:53am

Trumpcare Debates, Part 3

Like yesterday, I’ve got a busy day ahead, but I’ll be updating here on the status of the debate as things come up. Here’s what happened Tuesday and Wednesday during the Trumpcare debate. Here’s the CSPAN livestream.

What’s happened so far?

  • The Democrats said yesterday that they wouldn’t offer anymore amendments until they’d seen the “skinny repeal” bill, so today is gearing up to be debates and speeches. I think they have six or seven hours left of debate before they have to get down to it.
  • 11:20am (2:20pm Eastern): Here’s Montana Republican Senator Daines putting up the Medicare-For-All bill from the House. This is a stunt vote, sort of like the straight repeal vote from yesterday, meant to embarrass certain senators and make them look bad. It’s not gonna pass. (But it would be hilarious if it did.)
  • 11:40am (2:40pm Eastern): Vote failed, no surprise. Back to bickering at each other when they finish voting, I think.
  • Shenanigans Warning: The Senate plan is to pass the skinny repeal some time tonight, and then they’re supposed to go to conference committee with the House to resolve the differences between the AHCA and whatever the Senate bill says. Rumor has it that Paul Ryan’s plan is to just skip the committee and go straight to a vote in the House on whatever the hell the Senate manages to pass. Which is a thing they’re actually allowed to do, apparently. (Twitter: 1, 2)
  • Okay, so, apparently the House/Paul Ryan were making noises that they might not go to conference with the skinny repeal – they might just go ahead and pass it. Several senators panicked since, as far as I can tell, no one actually wants to pass the skinny repeal. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson just did a press conference announcing that they won’t vote to pass the skinny repeal unless they get assurances from the House that the skinny repeal will go to conference. (Axios)
  • “In an impromptu press conference held Thursday evening, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., along with three other Republican senators stressed they were not yet ready to vote for the ‘skinny repeal’ bill without more assurances that the bill, if passed, would actually not become law.” (NPR)
  • There are about four hours of debate time left, then the vote-a-rama kicks in, then they vote on the skinny repeal, possibly tomorrow morning. This show might run pretty late. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan has claimed that if a conference is what the Senate needs to move ahead on the skinny repeal, then they’ll have a conference, but there’s no legal way to guarantee that’ll happen. (No link; I just heard that bit on CSPAN.)
  • Okay, Ryan made a statement about the conference kerfluffle. Basically he says if the Senate wants a conference he’ll do a conference, but he did so in a weaselly way that doesn’t really commit to anything. (CNN)
  • 6:50pm (9:50pm Eastern): According to Buzzfeed reporter Paul McLeod‏, Senators Johnson, Graham and Cruz headed into the whip’s office for what seems to have been a conference call with Paul Ryan, where Ryan apparently promised them he wouldn’t hold a vote in the House on the skinny repeal. According to McLeod, those guys are all “yeses” on the skinny repeal, now. (Twitter)
  • It’s sounding like they’ve reached a deal on the skinny repeal. Twitter thread from Paul McLeod here.
  • 7pm (10pm Eastern): The skinny repeal has been released. Read it here.
  • “Mere hours before the Senate prepared to vote on a ‘skinny repeal’ health care bill that would get rid of Obamacare’s individual mandate, among other provisions, Senate Republicans finally released the bill they plan to vote on.” (Vox)
  • 8:30pm (11:20pm Eastern): There’s a vote on the skinny repeal expected at midnight, but everything’s confused and up in the air at the moment. Regardless, we’re done on the blog tonight – I’ll recap the impending BS in the morning here. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter and watch me rage out in real time.

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What can you do?

  • Call your senators, particularly if you have Republican senators.
  • Email, fax, tweet, and Facebook your senators… after you call them.
  • Can you get to your senators’ offices? Show up. Protest.

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