Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 8:30am

Trumpster Fire (1/25/17)

Here’s a look at some of the garbage that spewed forth today and yesterday from the Trump administration. Keep an eye out – I’ll probably add and update as the day goes on.

📌 Executive Order: Directs DHS to start building that wall, cracking down on border-crossers, loosened restrictions on who immigration agents can deport by adopting a broader definition of “criminal.” (Vox, TPM, CNN)

📌 The Trump administration had ordered the EPA to take down its climate change website. It backtracked on that a bit today due to outcry. (TPM)

📌 Executive Orders: Approved the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. (Vox)

📌 House of Representatives: Passed a massive ban on abortion funding. It may get stopped in the Senate, but these days, who can tell? Call your senators and raise a big old fuss. (Vox)

📌 Congressional Budget Office: Obamacare is not “collapsing.” (Vox)

📌 Several departments of government, including the EPA, National Park Services, Transportation, Agriculture, and Interior, were barred or severely restricted from releasing information, using social media, etc. (TechCrunch, Poynter)

📌 Drafted Executive Order: Calls for reopening CIA “black sites” – secret prisons – and bringing back torture. The Trump administration claims that the draft executive order WaPo received is fake. (Washington Post, New York Times)

📌 Executive Order: Banning refugees from citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African countries. (Reuters)

📌 Executive Order: Stripped federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities.” Effects look to be pretty minimal, funding-wise. (Reuters)

📌 The Trump administration will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities. I am certain that it will not be 100% made up. (The Hill)

📌 Several Democratic senators have introduced legislation to permanently repeal the ban on funding for NGOs that provide abortions. (The Hill)

📌 It looks like Trump’s federal hiring freeze is cracking a bit around the edges. (Washington Post)

📌 Both the House and the Senate Intelligence Committees are investigating Trump-Russia ties. Hard to say if anything will come of it – or, rather, be allowed to come of it, but we’ll see. (Politico)

📌 A bunch of Trump administration minions have private email accounts through the RNC. EEEEEEMAAAAAAAAAAILS. (The Hill)

📌 The ACLU is demanding a second hearing on Jeff Sessions due to his possible involvement in recent executive orders. (ACLU)

📌 The Netherlands is setting up a fund to support the abortion services the Trump administration just banned. (BBC)

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