Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 8:00am

A few early morning thoughts on Twitter & social media, plus some reading.

Just a few quick things this morning, starting with importing Twitter block lists. A couple of years ago I imported a Twitter block list, and shortly thereafter discovered that by so doing I had blocked well over a 100,000 Twitter accounts, the majority of which I never would have blocked myself.

While I get how handy that “import block list” feature can be, and how much some folks love services like BlockTogether.org, I would highly recommend caution when approaching block lists. It’s been two years and I’m still trying to clean out my block list. There is no easy, working mass unblock service for Twitter, that I’m aware of.

Next, if you’re hunting for my thoughts on last night’s Supergirl and Lucifer, they’re here and here. I’m not sure what anyone else thinks about Twitter’s “Moments” feature, but I love it, particularly when it comes to aggregating tweet storms and live tweets. I might just start putting my regular “recap/review” stuff there, unless I’m in the mood to do a deeper dive into an episode.

Third, I’ve been cleaning up old social media accounts I don’t use. I still have a LinkedIn account, but I scrubbed it of information and privatized it since I need an account to run other pages. I abandoned Google+ years ago – that place is the pits. I’d be shed of it altogether, except as far as I can tell, I still need it for YouTube, plus I need it to run brand pages no one reads anymore. I keep forgetting about Goodreads, so that went. I ditched Vine, too, so that’s pretty much dead. I have YouTube, but that’s mostly just for following other YouTube accounts.

I’m down to Facebook, which is like the zombie dystopian arcology of social media platforms, Twitter, which will probably be out of business in a couple more years, and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Basically, social media-wise, I’m in tedious a longterm relationship with Facebook and having a fling with Twitter on the side.

I feel like there should be more and better options for permanent social media, but I’m not seeing any. I predict a blog renaissance in the future.

Fourth, and finally, here’s a few things to read.

But wait, where do I comment? No comments, sorry. Talk to me on Facebook or Twitter, instead.

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