Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 8:00am

5TtRT: Vladimir Putin, Carl Bernstein, Bitcoin & More

We had a lovely holiday weekend, and Christmas was a hoot. Our puppy, Aggie (now three months old!), and her brother, Potato (Jim’s sister’s puppy), came to Christmas and spent three solid hours roughhousing and wrestling while we opened presents and celebrated. I don’t know how Potato did, but Aggie was out for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon we went to see the new Jumanji, which turned out to be hilarious, and also a pretty good movie. We grabbed dinner at the Chinese buffet after the movie, then headed home to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, which was excellent. They should do a special or two with David Bradley as the First Doctor.


5 Things to Read Today (12/27/17)

New York Magazine: Putin’s First Year in the White House
“What are we to make of Vladimir Putin’s first year in the White House? How has he done?”

The Hill: Carl Bernstein: FBI isn’t tainted, Trump’s presidency is
“Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein tore into President Trump on Tuesday over the latter’s attacks on the FBI, saying it’s Trump’s presidency whose integrity has been compromised, not the law enforcement agency’s.”

ProPublica: How Hospitals Are Failing Black Mothers
“A ProPublica analysis shows that women who deliver at hospitals that disproportionately serve black mothers are at a higher risk of harm.”

Politico: Behind the Bitcoin bubble
“Bitcoin could be on a rocket ride to over $1 million per coin. Or it could be headed to zero. One of the many mysteries surrounding the buzzy virtual currency is that nobody knows what it’s actually worth.”

Lawfare: The Tragedy of the Mass-Shooter Algorithm
“Rampage killings have attracted new attention from policymakers, given the apparent uptick in attacks and the horror of the attack in Las Vegas in October. Serious students of the problem describe an acceleration of attacks and offer a gamut of possible psychological and sociological reasons for the violence. Technologists are quick to suggest some version of ‘a sophisticated algorithm’ as a hopeful solution. But while this suggestion is technically feasible, it remains politically impractical.”

Daily Cute: Baby koalas.

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