Thursday, October 13, 2016, 6:26pm

Arrow: The Recruits (S5, Ep. 2)

I spent the whole day in a long workshop, and have no brainpower left for reviews. A few quick thoughts, though:

  • Ollie is a dick and a terrible teacher. Seriously, he’s awful.
  • I’m already tired of hearing about Laurel Lance. She was a superhero, not Jesus.
  • So, Ragman was pretty awesome, eh? Good to see a powered person show up. Arrow needs to differentiate costume designs a bit, though. I totally thought he was Prometheus, until Prometheus finally showed up.
  • I don’t like Felicity’s cop boyfriend. He looks like he hasn’t showered in a week.
  • Thea for mayor. She’s clearly better at it and more interested in it than Ollie is.
  • Poor Dig. He’s going to have to run away and get Ollie’s help with that whole mess, isn’t he?

Line of the Night Award

“I’ve been waiting five years to make that joke!” – Felicity.

The next episode is coming up Oct. 19. See above for the trailer.

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