Thursday, August 11, 2016, 8:54pm

We’re not even out of August. How is Trump’s campaign in this bad of shape already?

One of the most fascinating things about this election season has been watching the GOP implode in slow motion.

Reports are circulating today that some 70 GOP members sent an open letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus demanding he stop spending RNC funds on the Trump campaign. They want him to spend the money on the down ticket races instead, in the hopes of staving off a landslide democratic win this November.

This is one of those things a lot of the analysts I watch have been predicting. As Trump’s poll numbers slump ever lower (South Carolina might be in play now, y’all), most political junkies have been predicting that the RNC will take away Trump’s funds and staff and instead devote their resources to not losing House and Senate seats. It’s not an unprecedented move – other politicians who were losing badly in their presidential runs have allowed the same thing to happen. (Mondale did that, I think.)

Worth noting, however, is that a lot of smart politics folks are pretty sure that Priebus used the threat of taking away RNC funds and staffing to coerce endorsements of Paul Ryan and John McCain out of Trump. The threat of removing those resources might be the only check the GOP has on Trump, so maybe they won’t want to give it up and let Trump turn his presidential run into a nastier copy of his primary race. I think if they were going to take those resources away, the GOP might have to universally disavow Trump, so they weren’t stained (further) by his ensuing temper tantrum. And I’m not convinced the GOP has the cajones for disavowal.

Speaking of Donald Trump, Katy Tur has an essay on Marie Claire about her year covering the Trump campaign, and it’s a pretty good read. Katy Tur is one of the (many, many) reporters Trump’s been feuding with, so there’s some interesting stuff in there.

Oh, hey, remember that “Unskewing the Polls” guy from back when Romney was running against Obama in 2012? “Unskewed polls” are back! It’s probably not the same guy, but some nut or another tossed up a website claiming that the polls are skewed and Trump’s winning. FiveThirtyEight has a thing about it.

Okay, one last thing about Trump. TIME has a long article about Trump’s campaign, where he describes losing the race as “fine,” among other interesting tidbits. It’s sort of a recap of the Trump’s side of the race so far.

In other political news, Hillary Clinton gave her big economic speech today. NPR has a fact check.

I said to Jim the other night, “Y’know, I’m pretty sure that Hillary Clinton could be killing kittens and drinking their blood live onstage and we’d never know because Trump’s stomping on his own dick so often it takes up the whole news cycle.”

Heads up, Democrats. If you’re planning shenanigans, this is your moment.

Also, you know how Facebook was blocking the adblockers? AdblockPlus already has a workaround. As does uBlock Origin. Obviously it was going to go that way – these kinds of things on the Internet are always a hot arms race.

By the way, there’s a Perseid meteor shower tonight. Gizmodo has instructions for watching it.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Go check out this adorable comic about the CW superheros.

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