Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 5:15pm

So Trump did a press conference today.

Holy balls, guys, I don’t even know where to start with Trump’s press conference. It was bizarre. Plus, I only caught the last half of it, so I’m gonna have to summon up the strength to watch the first half at some point.

You can watch it on CSPAN – for your sins if you’ve been bad – and read a transcript here.

Politifact has a great factcheck, which you’ll need, because about 90% of what I heard at the press conference was unmitigated BS.

Two things about the press conference stuck out to me.

The first was the dog and pony show over Trump’s “trust” that will “solve” his massive conflicts of interest. He brought out a lawyer – who, notably, works at a law firm that has won some prestigious awards in Russia, I’m just saying – to read off a prepared statement peppered with Trumpspeak that basically boiled down to “I’m not gonna and you can’t make me so neener neener.”

He had a table next to the podium where he stood, positively buckling with piles and folders of paper that supposedly laid out this big legal trust he’s put together. “Look at all this paper,” he said repeatedly, even having his pet lawyer refer to “all this paper.” I mean, it must be legit, there’s all that paper, right?

See, Trump thinks you’re an idiot. He thinks that’ll fool you. He thinks you don’t realize that was just reams of blank papers arrayed on a table because seriously, who trots out actual legal documents like that for a presser? No one.

Do me a favor and prove him wrong. He put on a song and dance for you. Don’t buy it.

The second thing was his spat over Buzzfeed news with a CNN reporter. You can watch it here. I just want to point out how hostile Donald Trump is to a free press, and how he punishes reporters doing their jobs. That’s our next four years, folks. That’s what he’s going to do to every press organization who stands up to him.

Brace yourselves. Support our press. We’re gonna need it.

Photo Credit: Screencapped from this video.

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